Organizational Agility

What constitutes a flexible organization? What barriers do we face when implementing an agile culture? What are the driving forces in agile organizations?

In today’s business world all levels of an organization must show innovation and agility. Therefore cooperation cannot only take place within a purely hierarchical structure. In this seminar we present the core elements of organizational design and describe the features that make an organization agile. We also discuss the foundations of change management which will help us to overcome the typical barriers faced when implementing an agile culture.

Learning objectives/content: We discuss agile principles with the aid of selected content from the field of organizational design and use case studies to explore the different forms modern organizations take. Key topics include structural dimensions, performance and effectiveness, power and decision-making, strategy and business cultures, and change and transformation. Examples from participants will be integrated into the case studies.

Target group: Upper / middle management, change agents, senior program and project leaders

Location: Berlin

Price:899,00  (incl. VAT)


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