We implement change

Change is complex. Change requires innovation. Change is emotive.

ACASTA realizes change.

Which knowledge is required to realize change? Knowledge of change processes? Leadership? A methodology to guide large-scale projects to completion? We don’t distinguish between these key aspects, we integrate them. Our cornerstones for change are leadership, organizational design and project management. Managers implementing change face unique challenges in recognizing and guiding employees emotionally. Managers have to reach decisions amidst complex conditions – a thankless task in the current age of “big data”.

Our innovative consultancy guides small and medium-sized firms and organizational units in DAX companies through change processes. In our work we take into account tried-and-tested change management methodology and adopt global project management standards. We apply our knowledge of organizational design when introducing advanced forms of cooperation in organizations in order to facilitate innovation. Our goal is to identify the scope for action and leverage it for the benefit of the organization.

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