Chart a Course with Your Team

Align individual needs with the collective goal.

On a two-day sailing trip team leaders and members learn the significance of the dynamic group mechanisms which determine their everyday collaboration. These mechanisms include the interaction between individual responsibility and cooperation, leading and being led, authority and the need for orientation, as well as behavior in unplanned situations and a constructive approach to mistakes.

The participants learn to leverage the team’s diverse skills, motives, strengths and needs in order to achieve common goals.

Learning objectives/Content: Participants develop the ability to maintain an overview of the group alongside their assigned roles. Together the group conducts a daily briefing and planning session and helps sail the boat. In parallel the team members will receive individual coaching which reflects their specific development needs.

Target group: Team leaders and project managers (all levels) together with their team members. This activity is aimed in particular at groups that want to strengthen their cooperation and increase awareness of the quality of work achieved as a team.

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