Implementing Change

Change is complex. Change is emotive. Change requires innovation. ACASTA realizes change.

Organizations today must deal with change in order to maintain their position in the market and to prepare for the future. Companies often find themselves balancing short-term planning horizons with long-term sustainability demands. There is an abundance of leadership and change management methodologies but a large number of change projects still fail. This is often down to the complexity of such undertakings being underestimated.

Learning objectives/Content: In this seminar we pass on our own experiences from change projects and connect them with existing methodology. We take a holistic approach and convey the interactions between practical expertise, methodological competencies, leadership and coaching. We also consider case studies and pitfalls in order to develop an awareness of the necessary support, organizational design and project management skills required to implement change.

Target group: Upper / middle management, entrepreneurs

Location: Berlin

Price:899,00  (incl. VAT)


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